Saturday, July 18, 2009

To Binge or Not to Binge?

It's a stupid question and the answer is obvious, right? "NOT" is the answer, right?

It's logical that I gain weight when I stuff myself full of crappy food but shouldn't the flip side of that be that I lose weight when I don't binge?
For the past couple of years my weight has basically stayed the same whether I'm eating healthy and working out or sitting on the couch stuffing my face with crap. How is that possible? This body of mine is just so f'd up from years of abuse I don't think it knows what to do anymore.

I lost 5-6 pounds last week when I was home sick on vacation but they jumped right back on this week even though I resisted the cake, ice cream, muffins and other calorie bombs launched around the office.

I think I may have figured out what is making me fat .... work! Does anyone have a cure for that?


  1. Wish I had some sage advice. I *can* say that I'm feeling pretty good about life, even though I'm unemployed at the moment, and I've left a long trail of stress bombs in my wake.

    Hang in there, even if it's by the tips of your fingernails.

  2. I wish I knew the answer! I wonder the same thing often. sometimes its just finding that perfect balance between too much and too little food, and the same thing with exercise, that makes it all fall into place. when I was on WW doing everything right, I wasnt losing. Yet when I started LAWL I did. but now Ive stayed the same for about a year. so who knows! just keep at it and know that even though your weight may not change, every time you resist a binge or exercise just a bit longer, you are keeping yourself healthier.

  3. Well, if you are stressed out at work, that can be a culprit - stress can keep your body from losing.
    Are you tracking what you're eating? Even if you're not binging, you could just be taking in too many calories...
    Just some suggestions - I'm not an expert by a long shot! I hope you find your way.

  4. LOL! I wish! I lose weight when I'm home, too, I think it's just because I get off my butt (I have a desk job) and am more active.

  5. I often stuggle with this, especially lately. Sometimes when I am so good, in a week I gain a few pounds, then if I am just horrid with my habits, I lose. I have been stuck at the same weight for a while now even though I keep pushing more and more workouts in. I am just about at my wit's end, but as Heather said, I am making myself more healthy, and surely if I am consistantly taking in fewer calories than I burn I HAVE to lose weight sometime. The same goes for you, just keep at it, your heart will thank you every day even if you clothes don't.

  6. I tend to lose more when I'm away from home and if I am home, I have to have all the junk food GONE so I'm not tempted. My biggest snack food in the past has been oatmeal. A crisis in a bowl.

  7. Cammy: I'm trying but my manicure is getting ruined.

    Heather: Thanks for reminding me to just keep at it and eventually something will click.

    Jenn: I track my eating sporadically on sparkpeople but after a binge or a bad day I can't bring myself to see the damage done. I should force myself to see the truth of my actions.

    Rapunzel: I think we need to get our offices to splurge on those treadmill desks. ;)

    Lady Vea: Our hearts must be very happy with all our efforts.

    POD: I can't have any snack food in the house either. I can't be trusted with it.


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