Thursday, June 3, 2010

101 Days of Summer Challenge

Unofficially, summer is just a mere 101 days, Memorial Day to Labor Day, which is not nearly long enough for most people. I usually count the days 'til I can snowmobile again so I have my eye on a distant date (December 15th) when snow will hopefully return to the great white north but in the meantime, I've decided to join ANOTHER challenge. Biz at Biggest Diabetic Loser organized the 101 Days of Summer Challenge.

So here’s the deal for the 101 Days of Summer Challenge:
  1. Each participant comes up with their own goal – whether you break it down weekly, monthly, or just a total at the end.
  2. Every Saturday you send an email at and let her know if you were successful or not. I'm usually away on the weekends so I'm going to try to get my status e-mail to Biz on Friday before I head up north.
  3. Biz will post a recap on Sundays with everyone’s successes!

So, my goals for the 101 Days of Summer Challenge are:

  1. Lose an additional 20 pounds by the end of summer;
  2. Continue to hit the gym HARD every day I'm in the city and not in VT;
  3. Start the C25K program already;
  4. Get off the elliptical once in a while and start hitting the weights at least 2x per week;
  5. Get some sort of physical activity in on the weekends while away at camp;
  6. Limit my nighttime snacking ritual.

I could probably come up with 101 goals for 101 days but I'll stop there.

You can still join the challenge by e-mailing Biz and telling her what you want to accomplish over the 101 Days of Summer. Come on, join the challenge, it'll be fun. Just do it!


  1. Hi, I just found your blog through Biz's challenge. I'm hoping that the accountability will light a fire under my butt too! I have a recipe blog and I just started another weight loss diary to track my calories each day. Great blog and I'll be following! I wish you well!

  2. I love challenges! I'll have to look into it when I have more time but sounds like a good one :)

    You and snow--yecch! I like playing in it but cleaning it off my driveway and driving through it are not fun!!!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. How did I miss that! Thank you so much for sharing. I've been looking for a way to kick my own butt =)
    I like your number 3 the most!! Good luck!


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