Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Super Tuesday

It all started on 4/20 when Tony (the Anti-Jared) challenged Jen (Prior Fat Girl) to 99 minutes on the StairMaster. They also challenged us to do at least 99 minutes of exercise that day right along with them. I struggled, I swore, I huffed and puffed and I was sweating buckets but I did it and it felt great. My legs felt like jello when I got off that machine but I was I was flying high on those endorphins and glowing from the accomplishment.
I knew if I did it once I could and should do it again (and again) so I decided to challenge myself to do a Super Tuesday workout every month and try to increase my time each month. Today was my Super Tuesday workout for June. I figured it would be a good idea to work off some of those crackers, pie and cocktails I indulged in over the weekend.

I almost can't believe that I am able to stay on the elliptical machine for 105 minutes. I remember my first day at the gym a little over 6 months ago when I could barely hang on for 30 minutes and thought I might collapse from a heart attack. I've got a long way to go but I've made significant progress and can't wait to see how long I can hang on next month.

Here are my Super Tuesday recaps:

April: 99 minutes

I think Lisa was the only one who took me up on the random Super Tuesday challenge. There are three more Tuesdays this month to do it. Who's up for it? Who wants to try and beat my 105 minutes? Come on, you know you want to ....


  1. I can't do that much time indoors--I get bored out of my mind! I can, however, totally rock it outdoors on my bike or for a run/walk.

    If you'll count that, I'm in :)

  2. Those are awesome times!!!

  3. 105 minutes is CRAZY! That's awesome.

  4. omg! I have to go nap now.

  5. Your record is safe with me! :) Kudos

  6. Holy shit - that's awesome!! Not sure I could handle that much at once, I'd have to check my blood sugar every 20 minutes!

    Great job!!

  7. That is really great!! I so couldn't do that, (not that i've even tried!). You rock! Keep it up!

  8. Hi MB. Congrats on your latest Super Tuesday success!

    Bearfriend xx

  9. Manuela: I wish I were disciplined enough to get it done outside. Indoors, outdoors - it doesn't matter where you do it, it all counts.

    Valerie: Thanks!

    LAF: Sweat is good, right?

    Becca: I am CRAZY!

    POD: I need a nap too.

    Cammy: I'm sure you could beat me with one hand tied behind your back.

    Diane: aww...shucks...I'm just trying to follow in your footsteps.

    Biz: It really is a mind game. Last week I had my first experience with low blood sugar and thought of you. I only had a hard boiled egg before going to the gym and didn't eat anything before taking a shower and checking e-mails and after about a half hour my hands started shaking so bad I couldn't even type. I think that is the first time that has ever happened to me. Lesson learned ... must keep fuel in the tank.

    Debbi: I never would have been able to hang on that long 6 months ago. Thanks for the support.

    Bearfriend: Thank you ;)


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