Friday, June 25, 2010


Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a good week. It's time for my update on the Summer Challenge 2010 and the 101 Days of Summer Challenge.
As you know, I've been having a little pity party for myself today because I'm getting cut off from unemployment and I'm scared of going back to work, not having time to go to the gym, getting totally stressed out, and falling right back into my bad habits of stress eating and collapsing on the couch after a long day at the office. The good news is I haven't started stuffing chocolate down my throat to make me feel better because, you know, it never actually makes me feel better, just fatter and I don't need that.

So, here are my combined goals for both challenges and my progress update for this week:

1. Lose an additional 20 pounds by the end of summer/continue to lose an average of 2 pounds per week (13 weeks x 2 lbs. per week = 26 pounds)

Challenge Starting Weight: 215
Week 1: 212.3 (-2.7)
Week 2: 211.6 (-0.7)
Week 3: 211.6 (-0.0)
Week 4: 207.9 (-3.7)
Week 5: 207.9 (-0.0)

I spent the entire week working off the 6 pounds (actually 6.6 pounds) I managed to gain last weekend as you can see from my Wii graph above. I'm not really sure how I managed to gain over 6 pounds in only two days but apparently gaining weight quickly is just one of my many talents. I didn't make any progress on the scale since last week but I'm determined to get closer to "onederland" next week. I'm going to be extra careful not to snack and overindulge this weekend. We have a BBQ with the ATV club on Saturday and my nephew's graduation party on Sunday so it will be a challenge but I'm all for the challenges these days.

2. Continue to hit the gym HARD every day I'm in the city and not in VT/continue to hit the gym at least 4 days per week (60 minutes cardio and weight training)/get off the elliptical once in a while and start hitting the weights at least 2x per week

- I went to the gym every day this week and worked out for a minimum of 60 minutes. I made it into the weight room twice too so I'm doing better with that. I even walked to the gym one day because B took my truck to work since his car was in the shop. It's only about 3 miles but it was a good walk and better than having to get on the dreadmill at the gym.

3. Increase cardio to 99+ minutes at least once a month (Tuesday challenge)

- I did 110 minutes on the elliptical and 22 minutes on the dreadmill Monday for a 132 minute cardio session (and it wasn't even a Tuesday). I couldn't wait 'til Tuesday after seeing the 6.6 pound gain on the scale Monday.

4. Start the C25K program already

- I'm still working on Week 1 of the C25K but hope to move to week 2 of the program next week. I don't want to move up until I can do the running parts without feeling like my lungs are going to explode or my legs are going to give out. I'm making progress.

5. Get some sort of physical activity on the weekends while away at camp/hike, bike, walk or jog at least one day each weekend

- I didn't get much activity in last weekend other than a little swimming Sunday afternoon but I plan on going for a hike or taking a walk down to the lake (3 miles) at some point this weekend.

6. Limit my nighttime snacking ritual

- I wish I didn't crave something sweet after dinner and throughout the night but I'm getting good at limiting the amount of snacking and eating healthier stuff.

7. consume more veggies, more fruit and more water

- Still loving my Green Monster Smoothies when I get home from the gym. I've been filling my dinner plate up with extra veggies this week so I think I've got the fruit and veggies covered. Some days are better than others with the water consumption.

8. eat less processed crap and avoid anything with HFCS

- I'm happy to report that I haven't had any junk food this week. I'm still working diligently to avoid the nasty HFCS that seems to be in EVERYTHING. I'm doing my best to avoid it if at all possible.
This week wasn't a complete success but given the news about my unemployment being cut off I'm just happy I haven't fallen face first into a batch of brownies or a pint of Ben & Jerry's.
I hope you all had a good week. What's up for the weekend? Anything exciting? Stay cool and enjoy the weekend!


  1. those are really great goals. and you rocked it at the gym this week! amazing. i cant wait to hear how the C25K program goes for you! i myself am builing up to to run a mile :-)

  2. You are really doing great - and way to go getting rid of the rogue 6 pounds! I can relate to that gain as I've had a touch of it myself this week! Good goals.

    By the way, I love your bookshelf! I'm a big reader and love to see what people are reading.

  3. You are doing great to keep focused on your goals and report on them weekly. I gained 2 lbs in 24 hours yesterday. Not good and no excuses.

  4. It sounds like you're making awesome progress! I know how frustrating it can be when the scale goes crazy for what seems like no reason. So go you for sticking with it and getting those stubborn pounds off. (:

  5. Those are awesome goals! You can do it and you are soooo close to "onederland." Can't wait to see when you get there. I totally know how easy it is to gain 6 pounds so quickly. Luckily is probably mostly water retention and it will come off almost as easily as it was put on. Keep on going strong!

  6. Hope your plan is still going successfully.
    I sort of miss, just slightly, the brownies and ice cream though I doubt I could eat them post surgery regardless.
    Keep going!

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog. Your workouts leave me breathless! I'm a proud bookworm too ... in fact I made it my living.

  8. I hope things are going well for you this week! You are doing a great job!


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