Sunday, March 29, 2009

One Day at a Time ...

I've loved Valerie Bertinelli ever since I was a tween watching her play the innocent Barbara Cooper on One Day at a Time. I was envious when she married the amazing guitar god Eddie Van Halen and now I'm even more jealous she looks so smokin' hot in a bikini at 48. She always had a cute figure and was never scary skinny and never really fat either. She looks amazingly tone and healthy now on the cover of People.

I've been wondering if I should give Jenny Craig another shot but the thought of eating that packaged fake food again turns me right off. I know it works, I lost 60 pounds on the program decades ago. It works just like everything else but I don't think I can commit to it again. I'd rather keep working on trying to get a handle on eating real food, fruits, veggies, lean meats, you know, real food.

Check out Valerie's smokin' People cover shot here. 48 looks great.


  1. I think she looks wonderful also. I thought about doing those meal delivery programs but I just couldn't bring myself to eat the food.

  2. She looks great but I'm sure there was a lot of work being done with photoshop! Her face looks a bit too perfect!

    I don't trust any of those programs unless you decide to live the rest of your life on it (don't forget Kirstie Alley--I think all the weight is back on) I also can't imagine the food being as good as it looks on the commercials.

    I say get a handle on your eating and do it naturally. That's the only way it will stick. I need to get back on the wagon too as it's been a rough winter.

    We can DO IT!

  3. My feminist side wants to say so many things, my jealous side wants to join in, my realistic side just nods wisely.

  4. She is gorgeous! Jenny Craig... hmmmm .. works till you stop having their food. Try WW... at least you are eating real food!

  5. Hi there --

    Just found your blog, and thought I'd comment. I've done Jenny Craig several times in my life. I think it's good for (1) giving you an exact plan to follow, (2) getting you focused on the proper portion size, and (3) (maybe) giving you some support from the counselors, although I never got too much from them. To me, the downsides of Jenny Craig are (1) the food gets pretty boring after a while; (2) it's my personal belief that the food is not very healthy, it is overprocessed, and too much sugar; (3) it's pretty darned expensive; and (4) once you get off Jenny Craig, it's really hard to figure out how to eat. I kind of went through a transition where I was substituting Lean Cuisines for the Jenny Craig meals . . . Interestingly, Kirstie Alley -- who was looking pretty good there after Jenny Craiging it for a few years -- seems to have gained it all back. I hope Val doesn't do the same thing.

    Good luck in finding a plan that works for you. I too am over 40 also, and have to say that, once you start feeling more in control of what you eat and not so driven by cravings, you just feel a heck of a lot better -- physically and mentally. It was really awful for me to be in that place where you are eating food you know is not good for you, but you just can't stop it . . . I hope not to return there -- although who knows. One thing that's been really life-changing for me is limiting/eliminating sugar, white flour, processed foods, and diet drinks. At the same time, I've felt free to eat pretty much everything else -- meats, eggs, cheese, dairy, veggies, fruits, unrefined grains . . . I have found the books Real Food by Nina Planck and Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon to be an immense help and truly eye-opening. Best wishes, R


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