Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sizing Up!

Size is a matter of opinion depending on the designer. It seems the more expensive the clothes are the smaller number on the size label. I guess if you pay enough money they will tell you what you want to hear. You may be a size 12 but if you have enough cash you can fit into a size 8. This is why we now have sizes like "00." Soon they'll be coming out with negative sizes. How do you get less than zero?

I've been fitting comfortably in size 12s lately with a few stretchy 10s here and there. I've been dreaming about fitting in to single digit sizes for so long but knew that might be an unrealistic goal for me to be able to sustain. Imagine my surprise when I purchased a pair of size 10 jeans last week that were too big. How is that possible? They do have some stretch to them so that probably had something to do with it. They were not expensive so I don't think they run big but I could be wrong.

I wasn't able to try the jeans on at the store and was worried I wouldn't be able to get into them. I kept holding them up thinking "they look so small," "I'm never going to be able to get my ass into these," "look how tiny they are." I can't believe I'm going to return them for a SIZE 8!!! SIZE EIGHT!!! Me? SIZE EIGHT??? I guess the size doesn't really matter and we should concentrate on feeling good in our skin, not because of what's printed on the label. I remember some bloggers wrote over all the tags on their clothes "SIZE HEALTHY." That's what I've been striving for ~ Size Healthy.

Some days I need to just pinch myself. Am I dreaming? If I lose another 10 pounds will I really be a consistent SIZE EIGHT? Are clothes sized bigger now than years ago? Were the Size 8s I wore in my teens smaller than the Size 8s I'm wearing now?

After years and decades of struggling I think I'm finally figuring it out. It took long enough! Size 8, here I come.


  1. I think that Dr. Oz is doing a show coming up on "vanity sizing."

  2. Nice on the size 8!! You're right though, the sizes are goofy. Wouldn't it be easier if it was all the same?

  3. I am currently wearing a 16w but about 3 years ago I weighed only 10 pounds more and was wearing a 22w. I wish they would leave sizes alone and make them consistent. It just another way to distort our views of our bodies.

    Not that your size 8 isn't accurate. Even at my smallest I've never been able to wear a size 8. You have done amazing.

    I LOVE the size healthy idea. Awesome.

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  5. I teach sewing besides doing custom sewing/embroidery. When I send a new student out to buy a pattern, there is shock. Pattern sizes are not the same as ready to wear, lots of complaints even after I explain all of it. If you don't like the number on the label, tear it out! *GRIN*

  6. Sizing is so weird. I can wear 8,10,and 12 all at the same time depending on the brand. Talk about frustrating!

    I even have a size 6 that I *know* is a mistake, but I bought the shorts because they were a 6 LOL!

  7. whatever the "new size" is... congrats on the size 8! You've worked hard and earned it.


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