Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Small Change Challenge - Week 1

Week One of the Small Change Challenge was a big ol' bust for me. I thought getting enough water would be one of the easiest of small changes to make but I guess sometimes the small changes are just as hard as the giant ones.

It's just water. What's so hard about staying hydrated? Just drink it, right? It's not like I have to walk a mile and pump it out of a well, I just have to go in the kitchen and turn on the faucet. Well, apparently there's more to it than that. It's not as easy as it looks, at least not for me.

I drink at least a 32 ounce bottle for every hour at the gym but the rest of the day is a struggle. I've been Diet Coke free for almost 3 years so I drink 8-10 ounces with my meals but other than that I'm not getting nearly enough.

Today was the first day all week I actually drank 100 ounces but only because it was so hot and humid ~ I really needed it. I always hated the heat and humidity but it's a little easier to deal with now that my thighs don't try to light on fire from all the friction.

Looks like I have to keep working on this small change until I get it down. It really shouldn't be so hard. I hope you're having more success with your small changes. I'll be checking in and cheering you on. I hope you're showing me how it's done. If you didn't join the challenge you can still make those small changes to add up to big results.

How much water do you drink? Do you get enough? Remember, hydrate or die.


  1. I have been so much better at this in the past months. What helps me a lot is drinking water equivalent beverages like crystal lite and decaf tea.

  2. Drinking water is my one consistently good health habit. Even when my eating and exercise are off the rails, I drink at least 2 liters a day. (I aim for 3 liters a day but don't always make it.)

    I just sip water all day long. I also stop drinking by 8 pm so I don't have to get up to the bathroom during the night.

  3. You crack me up - "It's not like I have to walk a mile and pump it out of a well" - for some reason that made me lol!

  4. Just being off of Diet soda is such a huge benefit. I swear, I think that stuff sucks water and nutrients out of a person on top of everything else.
    Summer should help keep your thirst up and make it easier. Hopefully.
    In a way, there are no small changes. All these things are challenging.
    I'm rooting for you. I'll think watery thoughts.
    I'm doing the small change challenge through my mom blog, so that's what I linked to here. Usually you know me from

  5. I go in stages. Sometimes I do great and other times not so good. I find if I flavor it with a splash of cranberry or lemon, I drink more.

  6. Seems I should be dead then! I drink NO water... none at all.
    I drink diet coke... full stop, end of story.
    It's water with flavouring eh?
    *sigh*... oh well... good on you for managing to drink all that water!

  7. I don't get enough water....two years in and I am still working on it. It really is a daily struggle. Just keep on keeping on. you'll get there.

  8. Hi. I just became a follower of your blog. I'm excited we get to encourage and support one another. Can't wait to read more of your posts :)

  9. I'm really, really, really bad at water! So you're not alone. And already know this but you've done a fabulous job!

    I'm looking forward to reading more of you in the StS Challenge!


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