Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Small Change Challenge - Week 2

Right now I'm drinking a delicious Cup of Stanley instead of water because the BOSTON BRUINS won the STANLEY CUP!!! I don't remember the last time they brought the Stanley Cup to Boston since I was barely out of diapers then so it's very exciting. It was such a great series to watch and a good way to get your heart rate up without having to exercise or break a sweat. I'm looking forward to another celebratory parade here in Boston. I've been to all the other parades we've had for the Celtics, Red Sox and Patriots so this will be sweet. It's so much fun to be a sports fan in this town.

Ok, time to update my hydration status. I did a little better this week by getting those 100 ounces in THREE whole days. Again, I got at least 64 ounces in the other days but only finished off that third bottle a few times. Maybe by the time the challenge ends I'll have worked my way up to a whole week of 100 ounces.

I definitely notice how full I feel when I do get those 100 ounces down. There was a study that said people ate significantly less when they drank a glass of water at least 20 minutes before a meal. I believe it because with all that water sloshing around in my belly I feel full much quicker.

There is a downside to filling up on water though and that is the constant need to pee. I ran some errands after going to the gym yesterday and had to do the cross-legged pee-pee dance up the stairs and almost didn't make it without wetting myself. Speaking of wetting myself, another benefit I've noticed after losing 90+ pounds is that I don't leak when I sneeze or cough anymore. (Sorry, TMI?). Anyone else have/had that problem?

I've been trying to get as much water as possible down early in the day so I'm not up all night taking trips to the bathroom especially since I woke up the other night, stumbled to the bathroom and stubbed my toes on the door. Luckily I don't think I broke any of them but DAMN it hurt. It took a long time to get back to sleep with throbbing toes after swearing like a sailor. Ouch!

I'm looking forward to seeing how everyone else did with their Small Changes. Looks like I'm going to need to keep working on this one for the duration of the challenge. Just like my weight loss, it's a slow and steady process but every single small change adds up to something big.



  1. I didn't know you were in Boston. I grew up in a suburb, moving to the Midwest after college. That pee and sneeze thing... unfortunately for me I think it is a natural part of aging and being post-childbirth. I explained to my husband long ago why I stop walking or ellipticalling if a sneeze is coming on. Hope your toe is fine now. Mine doesn't hurt but is a bit numb:(

  2. No doubt the water and peeing issue is a pain! I'm a big water drinker and am always running in the door headed for the bathroom! Keep up the good work.

  3. I never drank water when I was younger. NEVER! Then I decided to get healthy and drank and drank and drank...nothing but water. Now I'm struggling to get enough. But when I do, I do the cross-legged pee-pee dance too, which cracks my son up!!

  4. I don't follow hockey much, but as a Canadian I was hoping for a Canucks victory, and I am embarrased and horrified by the looting and rioting in Vancouver.

    As for the water, sometimes I drink alot, sometimes its a struggle. Having a herbal tea in the morning and evening helps too...

  5. Yes, the Vancouver part of the story was terrible! I'm in slightly upstate NY and we have family in Sherborn, so we visit your neck of the woods a lot.

    As for the water, I don't mind it at all when I'm home but boy, I hate it when I'm out and about all day! A work in progress...

  6. I'm like you in that I have no problem drinking lots of oz of water when I'm exercising, but don't get as much in otherwise. I try to drink it early in the morning too so I'm not up all night.


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