Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Patriots Day!

I love these holidays that I get a day off of work but don't have to buy anything or go anywhere. I did say a little prayer of thanks to all the service men and woman, past and present, but that's about all I did to celebrate and honor this holiday.

I was tempted to go take pictures of those crazy people running the Boston Marathon but we decided to go to the gym and do a little running of our own. B and I met Steve and Annmarie at Planet Fitness after breakfast. We got a good workout in while watching the marathon runners on tv.

It is always inspiring to watch the marathon but I don't think I'd ever be able to do it, even if I did get into a serious running program. I am going to try the couch to 5K now that the weather is getting warmer and I can get outside to run. I can't get very inspired to run on the dreadmill but don't mind hitting the pavement and sucking in some fresh air.

I'm still congested and coughing so I was out of breath before I even got on the elliptical but I stayed on for 50 minutes and got a decent workout in. It would be so much easier to get to the gym more often if I had a few more days off from work.

Happy Patriots Day! Oh, and Happy 4/20 ;) Party on.

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