Thursday, April 16, 2009

News Flash

Have I told you lately how much I hate my job?

I can't stand going to my office and dealing with all the sleazy b*st*rd lawyers but I need the paycheck to survive so I go there every day, bite my tongue and count the minutes until 5:00 on Friday. I feel guilty complaining about my job right now because there are so many people out there that are unemployed but I absolutely HATE IT!

I've been searching for a new job for a long time but haven't been able to find a decent position in this tough economy. Most law firms are making major cuts and my firm laid off about 8% of the staff but still expect the same amount of work to go out daily so it has gotten even worse. I hate my job so much I actually asked them to lay me off but they refused to do it. It doesn't aways pay to be good.
I met with a headhunter back in December and he finally got me an interview the other day. It went really well but I just found out they decided to go with another candidate. Out of the dozen or so people they interviewed it came down to me and another woman. The deciding factor for them was she was unemployed so they decided to give it to her instead. I understand their reasoning but I'm still disappointed I can't give my notice YET.
The search continues ....


  1. Good luck--I know how that goes!

  2. yep.

    totally get this.

    husband recently(ish) left a BIG BIG law firm job as well....

  3. I hear you. I'm one of the soon-to-be-jobless, and I may be crazy but I'm looking forward to it. The company offered me another job (more worktime, more responsibility, more stress--no more pay or incentives), but I decided it was my chance to escape.

    Wishing you a change-for-the-better soon!

  4. oh I know the feeling! I feel guilty too sometimes when I think of all the people who have lost their job and would gladly take mine. I hope you find something soon so that you can leave!

  5. I know the feeling too! The only way I got out of my last job was when Brylee and Griffin arrived, then I could stop without feeling guilty!
    There is nothing worse than being in a job you hate, it is soul destroying. I really hope you find a new one soon.

  6. Yup...I was a court reporter for 11years...I've been free for 12 years. There were only a handful out of the hundreds I knew that were great people. You couldn't pay me to go back into the legal world.


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