Monday, April 13, 2009

Stuffed ...

I had a great time celebrating Easter with B's family. There is so much less drama with his family and we can just enjoy the holiday. I did a good job keeping my eating under control through dinner but it was after dinner I got into trouble.

After a very yummy dinner of ham and all the fixin's we cleared off the table to play poker. We usually play tournament no limit texas holdem but we decided to play a non-tournament game today. I did a great job managing my chip stack but I didn't do that well keeping away from all the sweets and treats that were piled around the kitchen.

I resisted the cookies, ricotta pie and other high calorie dishes but I did have some of a fruit/pudding/graham cracker concoction my SIL always makes on the holidays along with some crackers and dip, etc., etc., etc. I couldn't stop picking on stuff all afternoon as we played. By the time I left my SIL's house I was stuffed. UUGHH!

That bad news is that I'm sure I just gained back the 2 pounds I lost this past week but the good news is I have some extra cash in my pocket. I'm determined to get right back on track today and hope to get those two pounds back off AGAIN.

I'm glad there isn't another holiday feast for a few months. It is time to get back to this weight loss business.

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  1. glad that you had a great easter! I wouldnt worry too much about the extra snacking you did. it happens and I think most of us were doing the same thing. just drink some extra water, go for an extra walk, and just really pay attention to what you eat for a few days, and this will just be in the past.


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