Thursday, April 30, 2009

Nothing is Free

My firm has laid off workers, cut out their 401(k) match and scaled down and cut back many other things but the one thing they haven't cut back on is free breakfast on Thursday mornings.

The Thursday morning feast consists of fresh hot bagels, croissants, pastries, muffins and big platters of fresh fruit. I always try to stick to the fruit and can usually get out of the lounge without grabbing some calorie bomb but the last few weeks I had been indulging in half of a delicious carrot muffin along with my fruit. I knew I shouldn't but I did and it needed to stop.
I'm happy to tell you I resisted the urge to indulge today. I was determined to stay away from those muffins because we all know that muffins, even "carrot" muffins, are just cake in disguise and there is nothing healthy about them. I know better. Some Thursdays I would just eat my regular oatmeal breakfast so I wouldn't be tempted by all the fattening breakfast treats but I needed to work my resisting muscles and just say no. It's hard to pass up something for free in these tough economic times but even if it doesn't cost me money it cost me dearly in other ways.

I'm happy I was able to resist those yummy muffins and just enjoy the fresh watermelon, cantaloupe, berries and honeydew melon instead. I had to stay away from the lounge for the rest of the day because I knew if I went back in there I would be tempted but those muffins. Getting out of there with just my fruit was enough temptation.
I need to remember that just because it is free doesn't mean I have to eat it. It is not calorie free and I would need to pay for it in sweat and tears.
No more free muffins for me!


  1. That's a lot of temptation! Kudos to you for resisting!

  2. Oh I admire your strength, comrade! There's an endless supply of goodies at my work lately and I have been crumbling like a... muffin? Sigh... :)

  3. great job! that must be so hard. I love muffins! its amazing what companies will not cut back on. its the same way for me - no one got raises but will they cut back on the tons of junk food they buy and usually goes to waste? nope.

  4. Kate: Unfortunately, the temptation is constant but I did win the battle that day.

    Shauna: Fight the good fight against the food pushers. Too bad we HAVE to go to these places to collect the paycheck, huh?

    Heather: It is amazing what companies will do to cut back but continue to tempt us with constant (bad) food. You would think these people would be smarter than that.


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