Friday, June 26, 2009

B as in Beauty

You can always tell how much I enjoyed a book by the number of dogeared pages indicating a passage I want to go back and read again. There were dozens of them when I finished this beauty of a book. Here are a few of my favorite passages:
"...a woman has to trade her face for her ass ... past a certain age, the skinnier you are, the older you'll look. Your figure might be slim, but you'll look wrinkled and emaciated. If you keep some weight on ... your ass will be bigger but you face will stay tight and soft."

"...the obstacle is in your mind. It's not what you have, it's how you feel about it."

"Don't go into your head alone. It can be a dangerous neighborhood."

"Nothing jinxes you faster than common are protected by your imbecility...."

"Screw sticks and stones, certain words can totally break your bones."

"What other people think is none of your business."

"We develop feelings for everything, even for our jail cell. We feel trapped in it, we hate it, and yet - even if the door is open - we're afraid to leave."

"'s pretty obvious that fat people are more huggable than skinny people ... go to a toy store, pick up a teddy bear and a Barbie doll, and tell me which one you'd rather snuggle up in bed with."

"The opposite of love is not hatred. It is fear."

"That's life - no one gets out of it alive."

I'm going to stop there because you should buy it and read it for yourself. There are so many great lines in this book it's hard to pick just a few.

I was surprised that this book is written by a man, Alberto Ferreras, who has an uncanny ability to speak to and about woman.
This book is a BEAUTY.


  1. Thanks for the recommendation. Every single one of those quotes resonated with me.

  2. Amazing quotes, thank you for sharing! I'm adding the book to my "must-have" list right now!

  3. Cammy and Rapunzel: I just want to point out that "B" is not a serious beauty book. It's a fluffy fun summer read with lots of great lines that made me stop and think.

    I'm getting together some books and other fun stuff for a Blogger Appreciation give-a-way so stay tuned, you could win a copy.

  4. In Britain, one of the best fashion shows is presented by a man, Gok Wan. He takes ordinary women (fat, thin, you know, normal) and tells them they are beautiful. I usually endup in tears watching. I think a man can actually look at women and not have to be judgemental, while a woman (no matter how kind) has that inbuilt judging button that makes other women a... not threat, but a fellow competitor.
    Those quotes rock, though. Especially the one about the tedy bear vs Barbie!


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