Thursday, June 4, 2009

I Know This Much Is True

This is not a post about Wally Lamb's book but rather a post about my truths.

I know how to lose weight
I know I'm not doing (enough of) what I need to do to lose weight
I know I need to put in the hard work to get the results I want
I know I need to get up earlier to work out
I know I need to stop making excuses
I know I need to make my weight loss a priority in my life
I know I need to stop binging
I know I need to stop letting job stress get the better of me
I know I need to eat more fruits and vegetables
I know I need to stop eating junk food
I know losing weight doesn't make life perfect
I know I don't have to eat/drink just because everyone around me is eating/drinking
I know I should only eat when I'm hungry not when I'm bored, sad, stressed, happy, etc.
I know what it takes
I know I'm not getting any younger
I know it gets harder to lose weight the older I get
I know I don't want to be this fat anymore
I know I can do it
I know I will do it

I know ...

What do you know?


  1. i know that you know and can and will do it - that's what i know, fo sho! xxxxx

  2. I know that I know all of the above too! Work on it mate and it will happen.

  3. I know your list completely applies to me too!!!
    Most importantly I know we can do this. Here's to another great week :>

  4. Girl, I hear you. I just discovered your blog today and I think I was supposed to find you. Your truths are my truths as well. I know I can do this...I know I want to do this.

  5. Um, did I write this?! Thanks for sharing... I KNOW we both can find success!

  6. W&W: I hope you're right ;)

    Chris: I'm working on it but apparently not hard enough. I must double/triple the effort.

    3 Mo. Challenge: I love your positive outlook. You're picture always makes me smile.

    Lolly: I'm glad you found me. I look forward to getting to your blog and checking out what you've been up too. Let's do this already.

    Newnauna: Isn't it funny how we can relate to so much of what is written by others trying to fight the fat battle. We all struggle but we'll get there. There is hope and we will find success as long as we don't give up the fight.


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