Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thematic Photographic 55 - Cloudy

Here in my little corner of the northeast we've had plenty of time to get familiar with clouds as it has been a record month for rainfall, clouds and lack of sunshine. It gets a little depressing after weeks without sunshine. I don't know how people in London get through all those foggy gloomy days. There must be a trick to it. I'm happy to say things are looking brighter today. The big yellow orb has finally decided to peek out and show itself. Hopefully it will stick around for a while.

I took this photo from a cruise ship in Boston Harbor a couple of years ago. I always love it when the sunshine streams through the clouds. It seems magical to me.

If you want to join in the Thematic Photographic fun, you can get the details from Cami at written inc. here.


  1. Thanks for your compassionate post about Farrah. I suppose we'll have to snap out if it but I'm going to allow myself sadness today.

    Great picture btw.

  2. Love the picture but sorry about the lack of sunshine. I also wonder how people way up North or in countries like Iceland can handle those long, dark days--I need the sun!

    I'll have to check out the thematic photos. Sounds like a cool idea :)

    Hoping for sunnier days ahead for you.

  3. I would go nuts if the sun didnt come out for a couple of days, let along that long!

  4. Yes! Rain has become a way of life on the east coast, huh? That is a LOVELY shot! Mine? Not so lovely!

  5. I love it when the light shines through the clouds like that.


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