Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Missouri 60 Before Photos

It's on. I'm doing the Missouri 60. I worked up the courage to take some pictures and not immediately delete them. My heart is racing just thinking about hitting "publish post" and putting this out there for the world to see. It's really hard to look at the cold hard fat facts but it is what it is. I am what I am. My eyes are open and I see the work that needs to be done.
I'm too ashamed to show my face so I am yet another headless blogger. I still like to live in the life of illusion and believe I'm blogging anonymously. I know for a fact I've been found by people I would rather not know read about my weight loss battle but I'm getting over it.
I hate seeing myself in pictures at this weight but hopefully things will look better in 60 days.
I can't wait to see the progress I will make in 60 days. I showed you mine, now it is your turn to show me yours.


  1. I think you are too hard on yourself! Taking pictures was what really did it for me and had me start on that road to weight loss.

    I felt the same about publishing pics (mine had my face ;) but at the end it's not about what others think but what I think.

    Can't wait to see the face one day!

  2. Woohooo!! You got it done and in 60 days you will see it was way worth it!!

    Here's to a fabulous adventure.

    South Africa

  3. I'm with Manuela...I can't wait to see the face too.

    I am proud of you and good luck!

  4. I totally get it! I just posted all kind of pics for the challenge and as soon as I hit the button to publish post I had sever anxiety!! I am still a bit flustered!! And nervous. I have pics up but this just seems to OPEN. ya know!

    You were very brave to publish! I am glad you did. Soon, you will be brave enough to add your face!!

    Missouri here we come!!

  5. I completely know what you mean...I struggled with posting my before pics all day long. Then after getting encouragement from my Twitter buddies, I just went for.

    I cried for a bit after I posted them because I am truly embarrassed with how I look. I hide away from the world because of my weight and to posts those pics were a HUGE deal for me.

    Congrats on being strong and posting your pics. Cannot wait to see your progress.

    Soon, we will be looking FAB-U-LESS! :)

  6. Manuela: Thanks for always being so supportive. You've been such an inspiration to me with your sunny positive posts. I can't wait to feel comfortable showing my face on the world wide web. I'd wouldn't hesitate to show my face to you.

    Shelly: I'm still a little sick over it but I think it will be worth it in 60 days. Good luck!

    Thanks Hilly: I'm coming to visit you the next time I have to go to Florida to visit my sMother or I can send you a private picture ;)

    Jen: I do feel kinda naked ... hmm. Looking forward to going to Missouri with you.

    Kay: I'm so glad you're doing this challenge too. I know how hard it is to take those pictures but we'll be happy we did when we can see the difference 60 days makes. Good luck!

  7. Good Job on posting your pictures!! I'm over 300 lbs and when I first started posting pictures of myself online I was a bit apprehensive, but then I thought 'Hey, this is me...take it or leave it!' I will be 40 in December, and honestly I've gotten to a point where I don't worry about what other people think. You only get ONE shot at this life and I've come to the conclusion it's all about me and what makes me happy. Yes I'm trying to lose weight, more to prevent any health issues down the road than how I look. I'm about healthier, not necessarily thinner. I've never been one to wait to live my life and I'm not about to start now. You seem like an intelligent, loving person, who has a man who seems to love you unconditionally. Embrace it and don't worry about the rest. When I stopped 'worrying' (obsessing) about losing weight and just decided to get healthier by eat 'better' (not perfect) and moving more I found the weight started to come off better, slower but steadier. Good Luck, I think the Missouri 60 is a great challenge. Tony Rocks!!

  8. OOOH You are my hero!! I have yet to post pics of myself... maybe one day when I'm feeling very very brave. or very very drunk. I know it must mean a lot for you! and the determination that it represents.

    Way to GO!!! :D

  9. Boilergrad: It really is more about health and treating ourselves right than looking a certain way. I just know I would feel better without having to lug all this extra weight around.

    M3MC: So, what do you drink? I have a big bottle of vodka if that helps ;) For some reason, having those pictures there scares me. I don't know if it is a good thing or a bad thing. I guess we'll find out soon.

  10. thanks for sharing your photos! you definitely are too hard on yourself, but I know that usually we are the hardest on ourselves. I cant wait to see what you will look like in 60 days!

  11. It used to bother me with the pictures and all, I felt absolutely nothing when I posted mine. I used to think I was invisible, but just think...people see you every day, and anybody you know isn't going to stumble on your blog and say OMG...they are going to say, oh, there is so and so and look she is trying to lose weight. Trust me, people already know what you look like lol. God bless and good luck.

  12. Heather: I think we are all harder on ourselves than we would be to anyone else. We can give great advice but usually don't take it for ourselves. I'm trying to fix that too. I hope you'll see a difference in 60 days. Thanks for always being so supportive.

    Chris: In my head, I know it's silly to be embarrassed by the pictures but I'm still struggling with it. I walk around looking like that every day, why should I be freaked out about posting pictures? I don't have the answer to that one, yet. Good luck to you too. Thanks.

  13. Well done for putting the pictures out there.... look closer; you go in and out in all the right places just more than other people. You're body's not that bad, really is it? And you know what to do, so relax and enjoy the journey. After all, this is your body, so you need to enjoy it at every stage, whilst also having an aim and ambition. Go for it!

  14. Angel Jem: Thanks for the encouragement. I am grateful I still have a figure, a very full figure, but it is there. Even my doctor says I don't look like I weigh as much as I do. I'm trying to enjoy the journey but it is discouraging to keep spinning my wheels. I'm not giving up though, I get there eventually.


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