Tuesday, May 12, 2009

and the winner is ....

Can you believe it? I got my very first blogging award! I can't deny the fact that you like me, right now, you like me *tearing up ala Sally Field accepting her Oscar.*

A very lovely lass over at My 3 Month Challenge(s) gave me the Super Blogger Award (!!!!). I'm always surprised (and honored) when amazing people from all over the world (hello Japan) actually come to my little corner of the Internet to say hello, offer great advice, acknowledge I'm not the only one out here struggling, motivate me and offer encouragement. Whether they randomly stumble over here, are bored to tears and have nothing better to do, are struggling with their weight, just starting out on a program to live a healthier life, or have it all figured out and want to help, I feel blessed to have you all in my life.

I am so thankful to get such great support, love, and laughs from every single one of you and I get a kick out of being able to peek into your lives and get inspired by your triumphs, celebrate your losses, learn from your mistakes, laugh with you (never at you), cry with you or be there to offer my shoulder to cry on.

Now, this is the hard part ... I'm supposed to pass this award along to 5 Supper Bloggers. How am I supposed to narrow it down to just 5? It is almost impossible to narrow it down to just 5, there are just too many to choose from and a few I thought of already received this prestigious award. Of course, there are the superstar bloggers like Hilly, Britt, MizFit, Cranky Fitness, etc. and famous blogging authors such as Pasta Queen and Diet Girl but they already get tons of love (and book deals) so I thought I would give the award to some bloggers who may be new to you, may be struggling or just because I love them. Even though I could only give the award to 5 bloggers I encourage you to check out my blog roll and all the blogs I'm following so you can meet some amazing new people and maybe make some new blog friends.

It wasn't easy but I narrowed my list down to the following Super Bloggers (in random order):

Ok, here's what you Super Bloggers have to do now (it's the price you have to pay for fame):

  1. Tape the banner on your blog somewhere

  2. Pass the Super Blogger Award along to 5 fellow Super Bloggers

  3. Be sure leave the winners a comment on their blog so they know they've won a Super Blogger Award and know how special you think they are

  4. Link back to the Super Blogger who gave it to you.
I guess it's time to get off the podium, get my head out of the clouds and my a$$ on the treadmill so I can someday join the ranks of the weight loss success stories.

Thanks to all of you for visiting and thanks again to My 3 Month Challenge(s) for giving me this Super Blogger award.


  1. I am honoured indeed! You're right about it being hard to choose just 5 people because there are such a lot of awesome people out there :)

    You totally deserve and I hope that you work up a good sweat on the treadmill--I just biked for an hour and plan on spending the afternoon in my garden.


  2. I second Morgan Gets Thin! She is so inspiring because of her brutal honesty.

  3. Thank you, I am honored! I think your blog is super too ! :)

  4. Thanks MB for your awesome blog and humorous & honest posts. I'm blessed to have met you through the blogosphere!!!

  5. Hahaha, I am so totally not a superstar but you are sweet. :)

  6. Manuela: You deserve it!

    Linden: I hope Morgan finds here way back soon.

    Heather: You are very welcome.

    3 Month: No, thank you.

    Hilly: YES you are!


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