Sunday, May 10, 2009

Your Momma

Top 10 things Mothers say:

  1. Be quiet
  2. Go to your room
  3. Don't touch that
  4. Don't be late
  5. I'll f'n kill you
  6. Get your a$$ home NOW
  7. Because I said so
  8. NO
  9. Because I am your Mother, that's why!
  10. I will not tolerate being disrespected

Ummm, that doesn't sound right ... I guess those aren't the top ten things MOST mothers would say. I would imagine MOST mothers would say things like:

  1. You can do it
  2. I'm proud of you
  3. I'll support your decision
  4. I'm happy for you
  5. Good job
  6. Can I help?
  7. Have fun
  8. Be careful
  9. You look beautiful
  10. I love you

Hopefully you had a mother (or are a mother) who says more of the things on the second list. No matter what category you fall into, I hope you had a Happy Mother's Day!


  1. I think most mothers would (If being truthful) say they would 'fit' into both groups.. in parts anyway! I know I do. And I think that makes me Human.

  2. I fit into both categories, but I never use swear words toward my son. Ever. I'd say get your butt home, but I haven't had occasion to say that.

    You can't be a parent without saying no, be quiet, go to your room, etc. And I couldn't be a mom without saying all of the second list.


  3. I had to grin when I read your post :> I've heard some of these things a lot growing up!!! (I'm refering to category 1)

    I think my mom probably says things from both category,.. but then category 1 things are easier to remember? :> just guessing hee.

  4. I'll just say I've wanted to say things in #1, but i mostly say things in #2.

  5. Heello it's me again :> I left something for you at my blog, please come by!


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