Saturday, May 30, 2009

No Fun

I remember when I used to love shopping for new clothes. I could go to any store and pick out just about anything and it would fit. Now I hate to shop for clothes because I can't fit my a$$ into anything I like. It is so sad that the designers don't make stylish clothes for the majority of women in the world. Are there really that many size 00-2's out there? I don't see that many on the street? Where are they all? at the gym? I don't see that many of them there either.

It's funny how clothes that would look adorable in size 9-10 look like old lady fat clothes in a size 16-18. Things need to change. I can't do this anymore. I can't keep talking about losing weight and thinking about losing weight but not doing enough about it to get results. It is making me crazy.

I was also thinking about how I keep saying I know how to lose but haven't been able to maintain any substantial loss but that really isn't true. The few times I've lost a substantial amount of weight (over 60 pounds) I never made it down to my goal weight. I would start gaining the weight back even before I got to my goal weight. I need to change things and get to the finish line and then figure out how to do the maintenance thing. I'm not getting any younger.


  1. I guess I am the odd exception, because even after losing weight, I still have a hard time finding clothes. I am between sizes for pants, tops still never fit me right sometimes, and often my size is missing from most stores. There is no doubt that I would rather be this size and still have a hard time than before the weight was gone, but I think at the same time, we need to be realistic and know that just because we lose weight, doesnt mean that things in our life will become easier or better. I know that is why I had a hard time keeping the weight off in the past - I would sabatoge myself because I would get down to a decent weight and my life would still be the same and so Id think, then what is this worth? and Id just go right back to where I was and then some. I know that you can lose this weight and enjoy the many benefits of being smaller and healthier and I also know you are smart enough to have reasonable expectations about what weight loss can bring.

  2. I can completely relate to this post. I used to love shopping for clothes, and now it is just miserable and depressing when nothing fits. Things that do fit comfortably just seem to hang on me like some kind of tent. Anything smaller is just frightening.

    I can also relate to weight going up and down. I hate when I work so hard to lose weight, only to regain it. I know it is about a lifestyle change, but it so hard to find a maintenance groove. It is so comforting to not be alone with these kind of stresses. We can do it! :) It's all about being healthy, happy, and comfortable!

  3. Heather: I've been there and no that losing weight is no magic pill for the ups and downs of life but it does make getting dressed in the morning easier when you can zipper the pants ;) You inspire me to keep on trying. Thank you!

    Newnauna: Yes, we'll get there. I just hope I won't be too old to enjoy it ;)

  4. Oops ... I know I should have said "know" instead of "no." ;)


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