Friday, May 8, 2009

The Mothership*

The Mothership has landed so it's showtime, time for all the drama to begin.

I'm totally stressing out about her visit considering what happened during her last visit. The good news is she won't be staying with me (ever again) so she will be driving my brother nuts for the four days she's here. Hopefully she can make it through the four days without him losing his mind and going off on her. She really knows how to push all the right buttons, she installed them.

*My Mothership should not to be confused with Diet Girl's Mothership. My Mothership is from an entirely different planet, far, far away from Oz.


  1. Oh gosh, reading last year's visit was like stepping back in time 16 years ago to when my Mom was alive. I loved her, but she spoke the same language as your mom.


    Best wishes on a mild visit.

  2. Your mom sounds like my mom. My dad will no longer let her comment on what I eat (still gives looks), but she feels free to comment on my hair, lifestyle, apartment, blackheads, etc. She does not stay with me because she's frightened of the neighborhoods I tend to live in (hmm, subconsciousness? Probably just economic necessity). Good thing, I can handle only so much of her.

  3. I hope her visit goes well and you don't have any stress and yelling!

  4. Good luck with the visit. Just remember to keep your cool--although goodness knows how hard that can be at times. My mother has a set of buttons that she likes pushing too (love your comment :)


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