Thursday, May 21, 2009

Inside Out

Today was one of THOSE days. I think I need to start having more caffeine in the morning so I stop doing stupid things. What I did this morning is almost as funny as when I wore two different shoes to work and didn't realize it for hours.

The forecast was warning it was going to be a scorcher today with temps in the 90s so I tried to find my lightest weight top to wear to work today. I couldn't find the shirt I was looking for so I threw on what I could find that fit and started rushing out the door. I was running a little late but would still make it to work on time if I caught the bus and the train without too long of a wait. As I was heading out the door I saw the lighter weight shirt I was looking for so I whipped off the shirt I put on and threw the lighter shirt on and ran out the door. I walked down the street to the bus stop and as I started reading my book I looked down and noticed the seam on the outside of my shirt. OMG - I put my shirt on backwards!! Now what am I going to do? Do I wait 'til I take the bus and the train and walk to the office to change, do I run back to the house and miss the bus, do I stomp my feet and throw a temper tantrum? Do I go home and crawl back into bed?

I knew I would miss the bus if I went all the way back up the three flights of stairs to my apartment so I went up on my front porch which is hidden behind three massive trees to quickly turn my shirt around.

Yeah, it was another one of THOSE days. Am I the only one who leaves the house with two different shoes and inside out clothes?


  1. I once put on a pair of trousers BACK TO FRONT!

  2. lol I definitely have had one of those days before. I once wore my underwear inside out for an entire day without realizing it.

  3. i once went to work with 2 different shoes on! one was a stiletto and one was a wedge - god know why but i didnt click on until 1pm!!!!!!!!!

    Sometimes you just have those days....right?! xoxo

  4. I once went to work wearing a different suit jacket and different suit pants! Looked pretty bad. I took the jacket off that day.

  5. Ha! I did the two wrong shoe thing once too! Although luckily I noticed it as I was getting in the car to leave for work.

  6. FFM: HAHA...where was the zipper?

    Heather: At least nobody could see your underwear. ;)

    W&W: I'm so glad I'm not the only one to do it.

    Tyler: I blame the lighting.

    Rory Star: At least you didn't get too far from home.


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