Sunday, May 31, 2009

Looks Like Snow

It's the last weekend of May and it looks like it's snowing. Unfortunately it's not the kind of snow I love, it's just massive amounts of pollen flying around. I think they did get real snow in the mountains above 4,000 feet but here in the city we just got the stuff that makes me sneeze.

I've had a scratchy throat, itchy watery eyes and have been sneezing all weekend. I know it's bad when I start sneezing and can't stop long enough to catch my breath. I always try to hold out as long as possible before I break down and take my allergy pills because they make me tired and put my head in a fog but I couldn't hold out all weekend if I wanted to breathe again. Breathing is a good thing. We got a short rain shower in the afternoon but it didn't help bring down the pollen count much.

Needless to say, I wasn't able to work out much in between all the sneezing and wheezing. I hope we get some rain to wash away all the fake snow out there so I can breath again.


  1. Hope the pollen clears away! I have morning allergies (literally, like runny nose hehe, not mentally) but they're usually gone by noon.

    It must be hard to even think about working out in between all the discomfort!

  2. we are having cold weather here too but at least no snow. I hope your allergies subside!


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