Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pink Wins Again

Ali Vincent was the very first female winner of the Biggest Loser (Season 5)
Michelle Aguilar followed in her footsteps (Season 6)
and now Helen Phillips is the Biggest Loser of Season 7.

Pink is in. All of the winning women from the past three seasons were members of the pink team. Do you think it would help my weight loss efforts if I added more pink to my wardrobe?

I have to admit I was really disappointed Tara didn't win. I think she was an amazing competitor and I admired her determination during all the challenges. I realize all the contestants worked hard but I thought Tara had that fire in her eyes, the eye of the tiger that would take her all the way to the big prize. Maybe things would have turned out differently if she donned the pink shirt.

It was inspiring to see a 48 year old woman win but I felt Helen was portrayed as the Biggest Whiner most of the time. Personally, I thought Helen looked too skinny, almost scary skinny. She would look better if she gained back at least 10 pounds. I read she worked out over SIX hours a day and pushed herself to extremes to ensure she would win but I don't think it will be sustainable. There is no way you can keep that up and live a normal life.

I wish they spent more time showing the celebration after announcing the winner instead of dragging the show out by constantly repeating everything and cutting out as the confetti falls. It's a letdown that the show ends the minute they announce the winner just when the party is getting started.

It would have made for a more exciting show to have Jerry weigh in towards the end so different contestants could have been in the lead for the $100,000 prize. I'm sure the producers know who lost the most weight before they go live. I was surprised some of the bigger athletic guys didn't get close to Jerry's numbers. It was pretty amazing Jerry, the oldest player in Biggest Loser history (64), lost 177 pounds after being at the ranch such a short time. I hate to say it but I thought he looked a little sick and the loose arm skin flapping around was freaking me out a little but I was impressed he was able to beat out all those younger guys (Blaine, Dane, Sione, Filipe).

For the most part, I liked the contestants this season much more than last season's back stabbing, cut throat game players. I think this year's cast members were there for the right reasons, worked extremely hard, encouraged and supported each other and, hopefully, have changed their lives forever. I hope the contestants they pick for next season will be more like them, interested in losing weight and changing their lives more than the cash prize. Hey, was Amanda, the girl they picked for next season, wearing a pink shirt?

I love seeing people win the weight loss battle; it gives me hope I'll get there too.

Congrats to the Biggest Whiner, I mean Biggest Loser, Helen.




  1. I find it very encouraging that someone my age can look so good after losing weight as I worry about loose skin, lol. Am off out to buy loadsa pink workout gear now!

    Great review and I hope we get it over here in the UK to watch some time soon.

  2. I've never watched the show but tuned in last night to parts of the weigh-in. Personally I was shooting for the older guy because WOW! 177 lbs at age 63!!!

    I'm a fan of pink (certain shades) so I say get at least one top ;) And I think the winner looks a bit creepy that skinny and I doubt she can keep up such a workout schedule. There is such a thing as too much.

    If you're interested, check out my blog for info on a July 4th Challenge I just joined ;)

  3. I totally agree with your comments on the BL. And now... I'm going shopping for something pink. lol j/k

  4. I definitely thought that helen looked sickly too. mike was actually quite skinny for someone his height and you have to wonder if they can really maintain these weights. Im sure they will bounce up some pounds whereas Tara looked healthy and not like she tried to starve herself or exercise like crazy. Even if she didnt win, my bets are on her being able to maintain her weight more so than most of the others.

  5. ****running off to find me some pink tops***** think it will help!
    My hat goes off to those girls.. and I hope they can keep it off in the 'normal' world.

  6. Good post! If I remember correctly, all 3 of them were within something like 5 lbs. of each other!!

  7. Yes they did drag it out didn't they? The Pink's won again!!Way to go Jillian - I love her :-)

  8. I actually just read that Helen's Dr said she is now on the verge of being 'underweight' and has recommended she gain about 15 lbs back. What we wouldn't give to hear that, huh? I was rooting for Mike, I absolutely just fell in love with that kid. What I've missed at the finale for the last few seasons is the video diary they did during the time they were home. They used to show those the first few seasons and it was really fascinating to see what they went through and the struggles they had at home. I hope they bring them back. I would also love to see a 'Biggest Loser' reunion or 'All-Star' show where they brought back around 10 contestants from previous seasons who have gained at least 50lbs to see if they could lose the weight for good this time.

  9. I was a bit annoyed by Helen, too. I was really cheering for Tara - more for the title than the money. She was such a fighter and I think she did the best overall on the show.

    Helen needs to put some weight back ON. Her face looked sunken in.

    But - who am I to judge?! They all lost a great deal of weight and should be proud of themselves (I'm sure they are). Lets just hope they are all HEALTHY, because that is what matters most.


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