Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Adam Lambert is NOT your next American Idol. Can you believe it? What is going on with reality tv? First, Helen beats Tara, then Shawn out dances Gilles (I don't watch DWTS but my mother was really pissed Gilles didn't win) and now Kris beats Adam for the American Idol title. I think this was the biggest upset in A.I. history, even more shocking than when Chris Daughtry got voted out. Personally, I think Adam is better off not winning, now he doesn't have to record that sappy song as his first single and you know he'll be making a kick ass debut album as soon as the A.I. tour is over.

This must be the year for the underdogs. Do you think the front runners (Tara, Gilles and Adam) got ripped off? Were you surprised?


  1. TOTALLY, Adam should have won over Kris! But I loved Danny the most!

  2. YES! I was hugely disappointed in both Adam and Tara getting screwed. BUT, here's the good thing about Adam not winning... he won't be held down by American Idol's executives directing his album production. I also heard Queen is sitting down with him -- he might end out touring with them as their new vocalist. WOW! :)

  3. Chris: I see Danny being big in Christian rock.

    JBe: I agree Adam will have a much better debut album without the A.I. execs. behind it. I'm sure Adam could hold his own in a comparison with Freddie Mercury.


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